Hydro for Two

$230 (90 min)

A soothing treatment for two! Share an invigorating soak in our Hydrotherapy Tub follow by a stress releasing Therapeutic Massage in our Calming Room for Two! Soak Options

Island Spa Getaway

$320 (3 hrs)

A true staycation experience! An aromatic combination of fijian raw sugar,  coconut milk and guava rejuvenate the body, followed by relaxing 1 hour massage and finished with a firming vitamin c facial.

Earth Mud & Water

$160 (90 min)

Purify your skin with a detoxifying soak in our jetted tub followed by a sea salt and charcoal scrub and a warm moor mud wrap rich in natural vitamins & minerals. Soak Options

Spa Sampler

$165 (2 hrs)

Not sure what to get? Try a sampling of our services! Includes European Soft Dry Float Experience, 30 minute Therapeutic Massage, Mini Facial, Express Pedicure and moisturizing coconut Hand Treatment.


Feel the healing power of minerals and nutrients from the sea as they help to cleanse your skin leaving it feeling refreshed & more youthful with this kelp, green tea & essential oil infused bath salt.

Dead Sea

Comprised of 21 beneficial minerals including:

Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Bromide and Sulfur. 

Used to cleanse, soften & detoxify the skin.


A rejuvenating and therapeutic bath salt. Great for when you are feeling under the weather or need a quick immune system boost. Helps with congestion, runny noses & achy muscles.

Coconut Milk

Fresh coconut milk with a blend of exotic virgin coconut oil, dilo, macadamia & sikeci nut oils will rejuvenate, nourish & re-hydrate dry skin leaving it supple, smooth & revitalized.

Black Lava

Powerful & clarifying. Black Lava Salt harvested from the Pacific Ocean is combined with activated coconut charcoal  to detoxify the skin by attracting & trapping toxins in its millions of tiny pores.


Magnesium helps to ease stress & improve sleep plus reduce inflammation to relieve pain & muscle cramps. Sulfates help to flush toxins & prevent or ease migraine headaches.

Red Alaea

A sacred Hawaiian healing tool, Red Alaea Salt is harvested using traditional methods of solar evaporation. Volcanic Clay rich in 80 naturally occurring trace minerals is then added.

Essential Oils:

Add you choice of Essential Oils to a Dead Sea or Epsom Salt Bath:


French Lavender, Peppermint,

Tea Tree, Jasmine, Bergamot, Eucalyptus, & Lime