Therapeutic Massage

$160 (90min.) $135 (70min.)

$105 (50min.)

Designed for your needs. Our skilled therapists will adjust the pressure as needed and desired. Stronger pressure techniques to target tight muscle areas, while lighter strokes leave you relaxed. 

Moringa Body Melt

$190 (90min.)

A full body exfoliation with crushed coconut shell and pineapple enzymes and is followed by a 1 hour Massage using an nourishing blend of coconut, dilo, sikeci, and macadamia and a coconut scalp massage and hair treatment.  A natural anti-pollutant, moringa oil flushes out toxins and repairs and soothes the skin. 

Sabai Herbal Ritual

$150 (70min.)

Steamed herbal compresses help to relieve muscle and joint pain, increases circulation, and revitalizes the skin, while soothing massage strokes help to relax body, mind and muscles.

Pre-Natal Massage

$125 (70min.)

$95   (50min.)

A nurturing massage that focuses on the special needs of mothers-to-be during pregnancy. Positioning, pillows, and cushions are used to enhance support, decrease pressure and increase relaxation for both mother and baby.

Scalp Massage

$65 (30min.)

Relaxing and stress releasing scalp and shoulder massage using a refreshing peppermint infused oil to relieve sinus pressure and headaches, and stimulate the scalp.

Appointment Enhancements

Scalp Massage - $25 add-on, $65 on its own

    Relaxing and stress releasing ritual using an aromatic essential oil blend massaged into scalp, hair and shoulders to relieve sinus pressure and headaches.

Coconut Hair Cocoon - $30 add-on, $70 on its own

    Hair and scalp is massaged with an exotic blend of nut oils to deeply nourish and strengthen hair. Steam towel allows for deeper product penetration. You choose your infusion Guava, Coconut or Moringa.

Back Scrub - $15

    Blueberry & bamboo gently exfoliates this hard to reach area

Hot Stone - $10

    Targeted treatment where smooth river stones are heated to relax sore muscles. 
*Must be booked in addition to your massage and with the same service provider.