Therapeutic Massage

$150 (90min.)

$125 (70min.)

$95   (50min.)

Designed for your needs. Our skilled therapists will adjust the pressure as needed and desired. Stronger pressure techniques to target tight muscle areas, while lighter strokes leave you relaxed. *Only 50min. available presently

Scalp Massage

$65 (30min.)

Relaxing and stress releasing ritual using therapeutic oils from India, massage in to scalp to nourish hair and relieve sinus pressure and headaches. Performed in our Soft Dry Float.

Signature Massage

$135 (80min.)

Combines the healing and relaxing benefits of our European Soft Dry Float with a 50 minute Therapeutic Massage catered to you. The tension in your pre-heated muscles will easily melt away in the hands of our skilled therapists.



Pain Therapy

+ $15

A Natural Healing Remedy added to any massage providing amazing pain management and extra relaxation.


+ $15

Cupping is a type of alternative therapy that involves placing cups on the skin to create suction and facilitate healing with blood flow.

European Soft Dry Float

$50 (30min.)

Our luxurious Heated Dry Float is a treat by itself or with other treatments. Great for relaxing sore muscles, and releasing stress on the spine.

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